About Us

“Empowering artists; Democratizing art”

Art evokes emotion and we believe that everyone should experience it in their everyday life. We're bringing ART to the PEOPLE, from artists who ARE the PEOPLE! It's our little way of giving back to the world.

Our vision is to provide artists with a platform which allows them to sell their work to a large audience, while earning a steady stream of income that allows them to focus entirely on doing what they love most: making art.

Our canvas art is held to the highest printing quality standards, ensuring that our artists work is properly conveyed and transferred to the customer.
At Canvas To The People we pride ourselves in working with very talented international artists to bring you a selection of designs you won´t
find anywhere else.

We think you should not have to be rich to own art; and since we believe that it elevates peoples’ quality of life, we want you to have it at an affordable price.

Our philosophy is simple. Bring art to more people around the world, and impact as many artists as we can.

Every purchase you make contributes directly to the artist that created it, and we thank you for that.

Join the Canvas to the People community here and become part of the art revolution!