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Why We Need Art In Our Lives

As part of the effort Canvas to the People makes in bringing art to more people around the world, I want to share some thoughts on why I consider it important to keep art in our daily lives, and why our exclusive canvas art prints can help you with this.

          Art is a natural part of us. One needs look no further than a small child trying to paint something, when he or she finds it the best possible medium to communicate any given feeling. It transcends language, therefore it is particularly useful when an artist feels that all other communication has failed. No words are necessary. The viewer, in turn, feels the same way. You can´t explain your reaction to a piece, it is not rational. It is either there or not, so I will start by making the point that art is absolutely essential to us.

          When we have art in our lives, we become better people, as we get in the habit of thinking critically, empathizing (with the artist) and communicating with others in a non-practical way. Rest assured that people will ask you about a piece you may own, and, since it probably was an emotional choice, which you felt passionately about, you will learn how to explain it to others, perhaps even try to change their minds about their perception. Art keeps us in touch with our emotions in a world that is increasingly practical.  If we are to survive as a species, we cannot let our lives become completely practical! How would we differ from machines? Personally, I feel that when new art enters my space, I am acquiring a piece of the artist´s humanity. In other words, I am not buying the result, I am buying the whole process too. You can do this with a canvas art print too! Don´t let people influence you negatively (which happens a lot!) by saying that if you do not have the original work, you don´t have it at all. First of all, you are getting an authorized reproduction of the original, and some of our works ARE the originals, which were created for us. Add to that the amazing print quality we offer and the affordable price tag. Technology is there for a reason, let´s use it to our advantage in surrounding ourselves with more art!

          If you are a traveler, you know that art plays a vital role in connecting people all over the world. No matter where something was created, it conveys something emotional and personal, that needs no formal language. Finally, I am a firm believer that the art we choose for our homes says a lot about who we are, our personalities, and our emotions. As human beings we strive to express ourselves consciously or subconsciously all the time. We must stay connected with our true essence, and we are able to do this with art. I love to be able to play a small part in all this with the designs I choose for you here. I personally know every artist on Canvas to the People, I feel their passion, their inspiration, and their work and I hope you will too.


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