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Who is the typical Canvas to the People customer?

During a recent marketing research session, I participated in an exercise that required me to talk about who my average customer at Canvas to the People is. I realized that the person I have in mind as a consumer of affordable canvas prints, is someone I know very well and that exists in my actual life.
As I have mentioned in some of my posts before, the reason I decided to create this Canvas Art platform is so nobody will be deprived of having meaningful art in their life due to income. The first type of customer of ours that comes to mind is the young executive, starting his climb up the corporate ladder. They have taste and want to dress their walls with beautiful art, but cannot afford original pieces as of yet. They certainly will be able to in the future, but I am talking about now. I am particularly empathetic to them because they remind me of a younger me.
A second member of our tribe is the young couple moving to their first home. Being first time buyers, their monthly mortgage payments will take a good chunk of their paychecks, leaving little extra to spend on expensive pieces of art. But that doesn´t mean they don´t want to. Does having a mortgage exempt you from liking art? No. Clearly they still want, need even, to decorate their home with pieces that speak to them. I´m happy that we can offer a selection of exclusive designs to them in the $150-$350 range.
Even though there are many more we cater to, those two specific types immediately came to mind in doing the exercise. Regardless of whether or not you fit those descriptions, I want to take a moment to thank you for visiting our store and taking the time to appreciate the designs we carry, even if you don´t buy from us. If you haven´t already, please take a moment to view our catalog here.

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