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Pop Art: The Movement


Pop Art is one of the most remarkable fine arts styles which began in the '50s and '60s in the United Kingdom and the United States. The movement presented a challenge to traditions of fine art by including imagery from popular and mass cultures, such as advertising, comic books, and mundane cultural objects.
The Pop artists turned to pop culture and were advertising for subjects to fashion figurative images that defied the modernist ladder. Separating from the sixties modernist convention of abstract expressionism, Pop Art canvas prints appeared to certain observers to be valueless and conventional.
In pop art, a vivid reflection of popular society is mirrored in over-bright colors, occasionally hardly identifiable artistic features. Urban culture, patchwork, comic books, street art, and photograph mosaic are typical design basics that had been broadly utilized by designers and arbiters of taste a few years ago. During the early '60s, the heterosexual world was starting to understand the camp mindset. Hence, later as a visual art trend, pop art canvas prints began merging contemporary art with the more sophisticated advertising world.
The pop-art collection is a trend these days. Our favorite pop art artist, Alonzo Vega, a Peruvian visual artist highlights popular paintings like the last supper and portrays famous personalities like Charlie Chaplin in an amusing and oxymoron manner in his pop art pieces, and are available in our store. Take a moment to appreciate his collection here. He works through mixed media techniques, ranging from paint, ink, and sprays, to squeezers, acrylics, markers, and stencils.
Sarcastic and dynamic, he highlights his humorous works with legends of global popular culture. His work is now present in London, Paris, Copenhagen, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Santiago, and New York. Additionally, he has had 3 individual exhibitions in Lima, selling all presented pieces, and participated in Art Basel Week Miami.
If you are looking for some dynamic pop-art pieces, check out our pop-art collection by Alonzo Vega and add some amazing canvases to your home. We hope you appreciate the art & the artist as much as we do!

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