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Pop Art Canvas Prints – NOT a Passing Trend

At the "John Lennon Wall" in Prague.


            I often hear people talk about Pop Art as a trend that has passed. This hypothesis is quite relevant to the canvas art catalog we choose for you on Canvas to the People, so I want to mention a few things on this subject.

First of all, Pop Art is not a trend, but a movement that originated in the US and UK in the mid-late 1950´s. It came right after Abstract Expressionism and preceded mid-century Postmodernism, so we shouldn´t fail to acknowledge its relevance within the context of art. When I first started getting into the art world and collecting pieces, I wasn’t crazy about it, but now, after really understanding the motivations behind, I must say I really like it.

Artists like Paolozzi, Lichtenstein and Warhol defied traditions by throwing popular culture in our faces, many times using ordinary everyday objects or products to illustrate how banal our lives were, irony included. Also, I am deeply drawn to Pop Art when Graffiti are present, as it makes me think of Street Art, which I love. 

Talking specifically about our catalog, Pop Art is relevant because we chose Alonzo Vega as one of our featured artists. I am proud to carry this selection of exclusive and affordable canvas art prints, which are reproduced in limited edition numbers. Alonzo works through mixed media to create his designs, always illustrating them with legends of global popular culture. He paints from his soul and his art is far from anything that will “pass”. I invite you to browse his exciting collection here.

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