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On Jeff Koons´ "Rabbit"...

I recently visited New York, one of my favorite cities in the world. While there, I came across the NY Times´ article Even the rich aren´t rich enough for Jeff Koons, by Allison Schrager. Not only was it an interesting analysis of the current state of Art collectors and buyers, but also immensely relatable to our affordable canvas art project at Canvas to the People.

There is no question that the face of the art world has changed. With billionaires acquiring ultra-expensive pieces of questionable artistic value, the small and medium sized galleries are struggling. There are a number of people (I know a few) who traditionally have bought art of up to $50,000 but now find themselves in doubt. They see paintings going for millions and sculptures such as Koon´s Rabbit selling for $90 plus million and so they think it will be a waste of money to buy one of the pieces they would have normally bought. Let’s not forget that many people in the art world buy art merely as an investment, and when they feel it won´t appreciate as much or they won´t be able to turn it around in a relatively short period of time for a reasonable profit, they become discouraged. That is a reality happening today.

And that´s just one side of it. Let’s look at the purely artistic consequences that these insane amounts of money being poured into certain pieces is generating. With more and more small to medium sized galleries selling less, they in turn are looking for less artists to represent, which makes it harder for the ones that are starting out to get their work out there. This is very important to take into account. We as a society are the ones shooting ourselves in the foot!

Which brings me back to my original point. I am devoted to bringing you the best Canvas Art I can get; at the most affordable price we can offer it. The majority of designs you see here on our site were created for us, so keep in mind that you are TRULY impacting an artist in the most personal of ways every time you purchase one of our canvases. Take a moment to view our new motivational collection here.

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