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How to Choose the Right Art for Your Wall

Whether it is a unique framed print, canvas print, or special photograph, an interior designer will tell you that bringing wall art to your home decor will brighten your room with color and add an element of style to your space. However, the task of determining the right art for your abode can seem difficult sometimes. As an art enthusiast, I want to help answer this frequently asked question: "What painting should I choose for my wall?". I want to help make the selection process a little bit easier, and more importantly fun!
First and foremost, please don't feel compelled to buy something that others like when you don´t! The most important piece of advice for everyone is that you select what you like. If you see something and it does not bring you a feeling of enjoyment or relaxation, don’t put it on your wall. It is your home, your space, and your money being spent. Don´t buy something merely influenced by what others like.
Select a piece that covers your wall and enhances the look! While picking art for any room, it is always suggested to buy a big art piece. Always consider the size of your room where you want to add the art piece. Does it have high ceilings? Is it a big room? Or is it a low ceiling where a smaller canvas would look better. To be on the safer side, always go for a bigger sized canvas. It is difficult to go wrong with that, especially if you are buying modern, contemporary or Pop-art. I always suggest our own Alonzo Vega´s pieces when talking about Pop Art (view his limited edition collection here).
Choose Minimal Frames! It’s also advised to keep the frames minimal. This is the case with our canvas prints here at Canvas to the People. We prefer the cleaner look of the canvas alone folded back and stapled directly onto the wooden frame. We don´t want to interfere with that gorgeous look by adding outside framing. Consider that heavy frames sometimes take the attention away from the art itself, so try to avoid a gaudy one! It is the art you want people to look at, not the frame structure. Broad frames can have a black outline and thin ones could camouflage with the color of your wall.
Pick themes that you believe in! Your guests most likely will ask about your art pieces. It is important to know about the art and its message. A friend of mine who is a popular feminist has various portraits displaying the strength, authority, and charm of women. She always explains what each of the artworks stands for and why she believes in feminism. In other words, she is represented by her wall art. Any given piece can be a great conversation starter, so try and pick something you can really talk about & truly believe in. You don´t want to come across as a phony, do you!
Get to know the artist! Get to know your art better by learning about the artist, beyond technical details. It will give you a personal connection to your art. Try to meet them in their art exhibitions. And if you are not able to, google search them and read up what inspired them. Follow them on Instagram and add them into your lives.
Finally, take a moment to view our online catalog here. Hopefully you will dress your home or office walls with our exclusive Canvas Prints. Remember that every purchase impacts an artist.

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