Why We Need Art In Our Lives

As part of the effort Canvas to the People makes in bringing art to more people around the world, I want to share some thoughts on why I consider it important to keep art in our daily lives, and why our exclusive canvas art prints can help you with this.

          Art is a natural part of us. One needs look no further than a small child trying to paint something, when he or she finds it the best possible medium to communicate any given feeling. It transcends language, therefore it is particularly useful...

Art Lima 2019


This post is long overdue and I apologize to those of you who knew I would be visiting the show and reporting about it. So…

Art Lima 2019 was held in Chorrillos, Lima, from April 4-7th. I thoroughly enjoyed the art this year, more so than the previous 2 editions I visited. This show is a celebration of contemporary art, mainly Latin American. I was particularly drawn to a work by Chilean master Roberto Matta, a large format (200 x...

Pop Art Canvas Prints – NOT a Passing Trend

At the "John Lennon Wall" in Prague.


            I often hear people talk about Pop Art as a trend that has passed. This hypothesis is quite relevant to the canvas art catalog we choose for you on Canvas to the People, so I want to mention a few things on this subject.

First of all, Pop Art is not a trend, but a movement that originated in the US and UK in the mid-late 1950´s. It came right after Abstract Expressionism...

Giovanni Tazza - Exclusive Canvas Art Designs

Giovanni Tazza shares his artistic process with us from his studio. The original version of "Muchacha" sits behind him. Take a look at his entire canvas art collection here

Muchacha: 1st stop of the Canvas Art journey

Muchacha - Affordable Canvas Art

When I began my search for artists, Giovanni Tazza was the first one I came across. I had already seen his illustrations, which appear regularly in the newspaper El Comercio, but when I saw his painting Muchacha, I was instantly captivated and felt compelled to have it as one of the canvas art prints on our platform.